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Malign plevral mezotelyomanın FDG-PET ile değerlendirilmesi: TLV ve TLG’nin rolü

Cancer Survival is related to tumor volume. FDG PET measurement of tumor volume holds promise but is not yet a clinical tool. Measurements come in two forms: the total lesion volume (TLV) based on the number of voxels in the tumor and secondly the total lesion glycolysis (TLG) which is the TLV multiplied by the average SUL per voxel of the tumor (SUL is the standardize uptake value normalized for lean mass). In this study we measured tumor volume in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM). 

METHODS: A threshold-based program in IDL was developed to measure tumor volume in FDG PET images. 19 patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) were studied before and after two cycles (6 weeks) of chemo-immunotherapy. Measurements included the total lesion volume (TLV), Total Lesion Glycolysis (TLG), the sum of the SULs in the tumor (SUL- total), a measure of total FDG uptake, and the average SUL per voxel. 

RESULTS: Baseline MPM volumes (TLV) ranged from 11 to 2610 cc. TLG values ranged from 32 to 8552 SUL-cc and were strongly correlated with TLV. While tumor volumes ranged over 3 orders of magnitude, the average SUL per voxel, SUL-average, stayed within a narrow range of 2.4 to 5.3 units. Thus, TLV was the major component of TLG while SUL-average was a minor component and was essentially constant. Further evaluation of SUL-average showed that in this cohort it’s two components SUL-total and tumor volume changed in parallel and were strongly correlated, r= 0.99, p<.01. Thus, whether the tumors were large or small, the FDG uptake as measured by SUL-total was proportional to the total tumor volume. 

Conclusion: TLG equals TLV multiplied by the average SUL per voxel, essentially TLV multiplied by a constant. Thus TLG, commonly considered a measure of “metabolic activity” in tumors, is also in this cohort a measure of tumor volume. The constancy of SUL per voxel is due to FDG uptake being proportional to tumor volume. Thus, in this study, the FDG uptake was also a measure of volume.

  1. First published April 13, 2020, doi: 10.2967/jnumed.119.238733J Nucl Med April 13, 2020 jnumed.119.238733
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